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JavaScript SDK v.0.4.0 is here!
We are launching public testing of our JS SDK. Right now you can
download and use our Platform using JavaScript.

Currently we have 60% of implemented methods for your projects and you can work with Authentication, Users Module, Support, Chats, Cloud Storage, Analytics, etc.

What's New:

New API Wrapper with Auto-Analytics;
Automatic UI Toasts for
recent by Ocugine  ·  Oct 2 at 5:20 am
How to start working with Ocugine Platform?
In this section, we will learn the basics of working with Ocugine Platform. Before you start working with the platform, determine your goal and learn the basics. This documentation provides in-depth information on working with all aspects of the platform.

Choose Your target
Before you begin, determine your purpose. Our platform is ready to sol
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Ocugine posted May 31 '14 at 4:15 pm
Hello everyone!
Welcome to the Ocugine Community forums. Here you can find some information about Ocugine Platform, report a bug, request new features or learn how to use our Platform.

First of all, these forums are created for those who want to join the friendly community of our platform. We will always help you with solving the problem, tell about the latest changes in the platform, and
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